Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Legal capacity

The ability to make your own decisions is called 'capacity'.

The Capacity Toolkit is a guide from the NSW Justice Department to assessing a person's capacity to make legal, medical, financial and personal decisions.

The contents of the Capacity Toolkit.


    Section 1
  • Capacity at a glance
  • Who is the Toolkit for?
  • How do I use the Toolkit?
    Section 2
  • What is capacity?
    Section 3
  • Capacity assessment principles
  • When should capacity be assessed?
  • Who might assess capacity?
    Section 4
  • Tips on assessing capacity - what do I need to know before I start?
    Section 5
  • Assessing capacity in each area of life
  • Personal Life
  • Health
  • Money and Property
    Section 6
  • Assisted decision-making
  • How can I support a person to make their own decision?
  • Resolving disagreements
    Section 7
  • Other Resources
  • References

Capacity Toolkit Factsheet
Including "The person assessing you should look at your ability to understand the decision and not judge if the decision is good or bad."

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