Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Starting probate

This is the most difficult job but it can honour the deceased and give you something positive to do. Look through the important papers to gather this information:
  1. The executors' current addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, occupations and dates of birth;
  2. Details of any bank accounts – collect copies of recent statements;
  3. Detail of shares held – share certificates (if available) but any copies of recent correspondence;
  4. Details of any other assets such as superannuation or allocated pensions. Check paperwork for statements;
  5. If the deceased was in a nursing home, the address of its head office and the amount of the accommodation bond.
  6. Details of any liabilities such as home and personal loans and credit cards;
  7. A copy of the death certificate when it becomes available.
  8. An estimate of the value of real estate owned.
  9. A copy of rate notices that show the title details – lot no. and deposited plan.
  10. Do you know where the certificates of title are? With the bank? In a safe somewhere?

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